Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Slow Your Roll Sewalong

The Slow Your Roll Sewalong! The purpose of this sewalong is to give those who are struggling to keep up in this community permission to sew less and say no to the unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves to make ALL THE PROJECTS. I also want to encourage participants to spend the next seven months focusing on their own goals and what their version of happiness in this hobby looks like (i.e.: Stop comparing our progress or productivity to other quilters!).

The Slow Your Roll Sewalong starts October 20th and ends May 20th! I've given two schedules - one for my upcoming Won't You Be My Neighbor quilt pattern (Pattern will be available October 18th!) and a blank schedule for you to fill in with whatever your goal(s), sewing related or not, are for each month. Completely up to you which schedule you'd like to follow!

To participate all you have to do is post your progress to Instagram each month (as many times as you'd like). In each post tag me, @penandpaperpatterns, and include the hashtag #SlowYourRollSewalong in the caption. Each post = an entry in that month's giveaway. Oh and all prizes are non-sewing related and are fun encouraging, self-care type prizes instead!

And, on that note...



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