Thursday, October 17, 2019

Won't You Be My Neighbor Quilt FULL REVEAL

The pattern is now available! You can find it HERE!

It's almost Won't You Be My Neighbor quilt pattern time (14 more days! aka October 18th!)!! Because I give the option of making the Won't You Be My Neighbor quilt during the Slow Your Roll Sewalong, which starts October 20th, I want to make sure you have enough time to pick out your fabrics!

Before I share the fabric requirements for this quilt, I probably should share what the actual quilt looks like, right? 😄 I haven't shared a full shot of the quilt yet and, let me tell you - no matter how many patterns you release sharing the full shot never gets less nerve wracking. Basically all my fingers and toes are crossed that you guys love it!

And on that note, HERE'S MY NEXT PATTERN 😬😅🙌
The Won't You Be My Neighbor quilt pattern was inspired by the Village quilt I made for a friend's baby last year. I love house quilt patterns and really wanted to put my own spin on one. I wanted my version to have a Utopian neighborhood feel (maybe one Mr. Rogers would live in? 😆) so I threw in some trees and flowers too!🌲🌳🌼 I also wanted the colors in the quilt to be soft and the prints to have a scrappy vibe so Annabel Wrigley's Penelope line and Kaufman's Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Silver for the background fit the bill perfectly. I think this quilt would look amazing in solids and higher contrast prints too!

This quilt finishes 62 1/2" by 70 1/2" - a good throw size quilt! This pattern is fat quarter and fat eighth friendly too!

The printables I've included below are the first two pages of the pattern + the back of the cover. I really recommend using the tags on the Quilt Layout page to label your fabrics. Especially if you're like me and think you'll remember where you planned to use each print and then a week later you can't remember even picking out the fabrics 😂

To print the pages below, simply right click on the image and save to your device. I also recommend printing the images to "Fit to Page".

For more information about the Slow Your Roll Sewalong and how to participate check out the blog post HERE.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Slow Your Roll Sewalong

The Slow Your Roll Sewalong! The purpose of this sewalong is to give those who are struggling to keep up in this community permission to sew less and say no to the unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves to make ALL THE PROJECTS. I also want to encourage participants to spend the next seven months focusing on their own goals and what their version of happiness in this hobby looks like (i.e.: Stop comparing our progress or productivity to other quilters!).

The Slow Your Roll Sewalong starts October 20th and ends May 20th! I've given two schedules - one for my upcoming Won't You Be My Neighbor quilt pattern (Pattern will be available October 18th!) and a blank schedule for you to fill in with whatever your goal(s), sewing related or not, are for each month. Completely up to you which schedule you'd like to follow!

To participate all you have to do is post your progress to Instagram each month (as many times as you'd like). In each post tag me, @penandpaperpatterns, and include the hashtag #SlowYourRollSewalong in the caption. Each post = an entry in that month's giveaway. Oh and all prizes are non-sewing related and are fun encouraging, self-care type prizes instead!

And, on that note...


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Bunny Basket Pattern

The Bunny Basket pattern! I wrote this pattern over 4 years ago while working at a local fabric store and then later offered it as a free pattern on Craftsy. Well, when Craftsy overhauled their site, this was one of the many patterns that got the boot from my shop. Recently I've gotten some requests for the pattern, so I've decided to put it on the ol' blog instead 😊

There are three pages in this pattern and each page is posted below. To save this pattern to your device, simply select a pattern file and then select "save photo". You'll need to do this for each of the three pages/files. Since the last page of the pattern contains templates it's very important that it's printed at 100% or Do Not Scale so the templates are the correct size. Hope you all have fun making this pattern! Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Mod Diamond Quilt Pattern

Introducing the Mod Diamond Quilt pattern!
This is the modern variation in the crib size! The Kona solids used in this quilt are Peach, Emerald, Curry, Nectarine, Lupine, Blue, and Snow. Quilting was done by Knot & Thread Design.

I got the idea for this pattern over six years ago, WAY before I knew what a Half RectangleTriangle (HRT) block was. After seeing a throw pillow with a diamond pattern on it I immediately was inspired to make a quilt in a similar design. Because I was still a newbie at quilting, and therefore didn't know what an HRT block was, I came up with my own method for constructing it. And little did I know at the time that the method I came up with was an easier alternative to an HRT block. Well, I think so anyway! A photo of that very first Mod Diamond quilt below! 

This quilt is traditionally pieced and, like I said, uses zero HRT's. There are no templates needed either! AND the only trimming you have to do are the dog ears! My least favorite part about HRT blocks are squaring them up (I am never 100% successful with it), so this method eliminates that frustration and you waste less fabric in the end too. Win-win!

The pattern includes instructions for making two sizes, Crib (43" x 47") and Throw (64" x 70") and also includes instructions for making a Modern or Scrappy version. The versions are fat quarter, half yard, one yard and/or stash friendly!

This is my throw size scrappy version that I made recently while working out the kinks of the pattern! I made it entirely with prints from my stash! So pleased with how it turned out! 

The Mod Diamond quilt pattern, along with all the other patterns in my Etsy shop, are 25% off now through the 22nd when you use the discount code MODDIAMOND!

This version was also quilted by Knot & Thread Design!

And, last but not least, I have to show off my testers' versions! I couldn't love them more! They're all so different from each other, but equally amazing! Makers are tagged in each photo!

Could this be more fun?? Love this vibrant and playful Mod Diamond by Jessica!

I love the color scheme Gail used in her Mod Diamond! She picked a focal print and then based her other five prints/colors around that! So smart and great way to ensure a well-balanced quilt in the end!

Jitka not only made a gorgeous monochromatic Mod Diamond quilt, but she also made a pillow using my Sweet Treat Pattern and a crazy cute doll to go with it! So adorable!

Catalina made this capital D-R-E-A-M-Y baby size Mod Diamond quilt! It is perfection! 

Allison, from Woodberry Way, made this beyond cute Mod Diamond quilt! Another color combo I can't get enough of!

One word - STUNNING! This version made my jaw drop! And how perfectly does Jamie's backing coordinate with her quilt top? Love it!

Huge THANK YOU to my testers for doing an incredible job on their quilts and for helping make this pattern as perfect as possible! I hope you're all as inspired by these quilts as I am!

I can't wait to see more Mod Diamond quilts in my feed on Instagram and Facebook! Make sure to tag me and use the hashtag #ModDiamondQuilt in your posts so I can see them and show them off to my followers :)

💗 Lindsey

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Geo Weaver Quilt Pattern

Thrilled to share my most recent pattern with you all - The Geo Weaver Quilt!
Photo by Quilt Photography Co
This pattern was inspired by my love for crochet blankets, but my inability to actually make one 😂 I tried learning how to crochet years ago, but it all went over my head. Maybe someday I'll really hunker down and learn, but until then I'll just be over here making crochet-inspired quilts instead!  

The Geo Weaver quilt is my first pattern that doesn't involve any angled seams (WHO AM I?? 😆) That, along with the large cuts, makes for a very beginner friendly quilt pattern! I do highly recommend using the tags on Page 12 for labeling your cuts of fabric though. While it is easy to construct, there are also quite a lot of components to keep track of while you're making it. The tags will help eliminate any confusion during that process 😊

Check out that gorgeous quilting by Threaded Quilting Studio!

You can find the PDF and printed copy of this pattern in my Etsy shop! Use the discount code GEOWEAVER to save 25% off on anything in my shop, including Geo Weaver, until February 10th!

If you make Geo Weaver and share on Instagram or Facebook, make sure to use the hashtag #GeoWeaverQuilt so I can see it too! I can't wait to see your guys' versions! Speaking of, I will be sharing my testers versions really soon too! They are all completely different from each other, but equally SO amazing! Which just proves how versatile this pattern is!

Solids bundle for the large throw size is available through Fabric Bubb!

And for those wondering, my Geo Weaver quilt is made with Robert Kaufman Kona solids! The solids I used are - Desert Green, Peach, Amber, Doeskin, Parsley, Silver, Mushroom, Dusty Blue, and Snow. The backing fabric is Berry Blossom in Blush by Indy Blooms for Hawthorne Supply Company! A bundle of the solids, pictured above, for the large throw size, is available through Fabric Bubb!

Any questions about the pattern or quilt, let me know in the comments below or email me at!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Sweet Treat + Taco Truck Quilt Sewalong

The Sweet Treat & Taco Truck Quilt Sewalong AKA #FoodTruckSewalong starts in TWO WEEKS! So time to grab a copy of the pattern, if you haven't already, and start planning your fabric pull!

[P.S. - The Sweet Treat Quilt pattern, which includes a bonus pattern for making a Taco Truck Quilt, + all other patterns in my Etsy shop are 25% off until January 21st when you use discount code TACOTUESDAY!]

If you're stuck on which fabrics to use in your quilt, I have good news! There are currently FIVE different quilt shops offering kits for the Sweet Treat and Taco Truck quilts!

1. Bundles A & B are from Fabric Bubb (B bundle is for the Taco Truck Quilt!)

2. Bundle C is from Simply Love Fabrics

3. Bundle D is from Handmade is Heartmade - which is actually the bundle I'll be using during the sewalong too!

4. Pink Door Fabrics made not one, but FOUR different bundles for the Sweet Treat Quilt! Aren't they so awesome?? 😍

5. And Sewtopia is also selling bundles that feature some really cute ice cream themed prints from Michael Miller! 

To participate in the sewalong all you have to do is post your progress weekly on Instagram using the hashtag #FoodTruckSewalong and either #TacoTruckQuilt or #SweetTreatQuilt in your caption! And if you want to be entered in for each week's giveaway you'll want to make sure you're following that week's prize sponsor(s) too! But that's it! Keeping it as easy as possible 🙌 The schedule for the sewalong and the fabric requirements for each quilt are below!

And last, but not least, check out all the super fun prizes that will be up for grabs during the sewalong! Fabric, patterns, gift cards to amazing shops and longarmers, and a pretty cool gift basket too! All of which wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the generosity of these companies! HUGE THANK YOU to Paintbrush Studio Fabrics, Fabric Bubb, Maker Pin Co, Knot & Thread Design, Pink Door Fabrics, Patchwork Threads, Then Came JuneMaker Valley, and Threaded Quilting Studio for making this sewalong extra, extra fun! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! And if you're not familiar with them, I recommend taking a second to check out their talented selves! 

 Who's ready to start sewing?! 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Sweet Treat & Taco Truck Quilt Pattern

Today's an exciting day!! I present to you the SWEET TREAT AND TACO TRUCK QUILT PATTERN!

The Sweet Treat Quilt finishes 55" x 61 1/2", is traditionally pieced, and includes a bonus pattern for making a Taco Truck quilt! Cause who doesn't love tacos?? 😋 Especially ones that come from food trucks - am I right? 🙌

This is also the second longest pattern I've written - 25 pages, people. And if you are wondering why, the biggest reason is that there are two patterns included, but, also because the pattern is set up so that there are detailed cutting and assembly instructions AND diagrams for EACH block. Just like my Sewology Block of the Month quilt - for those familiar with that pattern. Sweet Treat includes a Table of Contents page so you can easily access different parts of the pattern. I included tags for organizing all the cuts of fabric, there are coloring pages, an optional paper piecing pattern for the horn section on the truck block...the list goes on! This pattern is JAM PACKED with good stuff. Which I hope makes for a more enjoyable experience while making it! 

Some FAQ about the Sweet Treat Quilt:

Q - Is this pattern paper pieced?

A - The Sweet Treat Quilt is traditionally pieced, but the taco blocks in the Taco Truck Quilt are paper pieced. I do consider the taco blocks beginner friendly and if you're completely new to paper piecing, but want to make the Taco Truck Quilt, I have a beginner paper piecing video tutorial saved in my Instagram Highlights that you can view HERE.

Q - Do you know of any quilt shops selling bundles for the pattern?

A - Yes! You can find Sweet Treat bundles from Fabric Bubb (she has Taco Truck Bundles too!), Heartmade is Handmade, Pink Door Fabrics, Simply Love Fabrics, and Sewtopia!

Q - What are the names of the solids you used in your Sweet Treat Quilt?

A - I used Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids + one Kona solid to make my sample. The names of those solids are - Geranium, Aqua, Butterscotch (This is the Kona solid), Honey, Stone, White, and Blossom. And again, you can find a bundle for a Kona version of this in Fabric Bubb's shop too! 

Q - Will there be a sewalong?

A - For sure! And I'm so excited about it! The sewalong for both quilts starts February 1st! Sewalong will be 7 weeks long, there will be giveaways galore, and just fun times overall. I will be doing a separate blog post soon with more info, but in the meantime, you can find the schedule + fabric requirements at the very end of this post 😊

Alright about to wrap this up, but wanted to mention one last thing - I will be selling printed copies of the Sweet Treat pattern as well as PDF copies in my Etsy shop. If you buy a printed copy, it won't ship until January 22nd unfortunately. If you would like a PDF copy of the pattern to hold you over until you receive your printed copy, I'm more than happy to email it to you! Just forward me your order confirmation email from Etsy and I'll reply back with PDF file attached 😊

Any questions, please feel free to email me at!